consolesWith more choices for consumers out there than ever, it is more than likely that you have a couple of old games consoles or hand held gaming systems that you barely use any more. Whilst it’s fun to dig out your old systems every once in a while for a bit of retro gaming, you might be surprised to learn that there is quite a strong market online for second hand games systems. You might be better off cashing in while the value is still there. Your old, unused “junk” might be someone else’s treasure.

One option is finding out if your games are collectible. There are people out there who make it their mission to collect every game on a particular console or by a particular company and that dusty old cartridge under your bed might be one they are looking for. Retro games and consoles can often be picked up for a bargain price at boot-sales and markets and can be sold on for a healthy profit online, providing you know what you are looking for. Do a little research and see if any of your old games are sought after items.

There is even a demand for broken games consoles. Inventive types have made some amazing one-off systems using the outer cases from one old console and fitting a different engine inside. One of the more inventive examples was someone who used a toy Star Wars Millennium Falcon and fitted a Super Nintendo inside. Small PCs can be constructed inside an old XBOX case if you know what you are doing. Your tired old SNES might not work properly, but someone might want it just for the case.


Obviously if your old console or hand-held is in perfect working order you should have no problem selling it on online, without having to find collectors or specialist. Newer hand-held systems are still popular and I recently decided to sell my Nintendo DS and a few games online for a tidy profit.

By selling a few of those hand-held systems that have been replaced by games on your phone, or by selling off your old console to a collector you might be able to upgrade to the newest systems without taking a huge financial hit. For random old cartridges you might be better off checking to see if they have collector value, while your newer systems will be better sold using one of the reliable online sites that specialise in second hand games and systems.


If you are a PC owner you might be wise to look into a games emulator. Emulators are programs you can buy that have all the old games you love, but converted to play through your PC. You can get some cash-back from selling off the old systems without losing those classic games.

Author Bio-: Steven Dudley has been writing about retro games and game consoles in magazines and online for over ten years. If you decide “now is the time to sell my Nintendo DS ” be sure to check his blog for the latest recommendations.